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Energy, environment and sustainable development are pressing issues needed to be addressed and solved by human society immediately. BEHL has always been committed to the harmonious development of our business alongside the economy, society and environment. We also establish sustainability committee and develop sustainable business development strategy with effective ways and measures, and make sustained efforts on economic development, environmental protection and charity efforts.

BEHL proactively responded to the country's "Carbon Neutrality" and "Emissions Peak" target. We studied and formulated emission reduction plans and enacted a feasible net zero route; We expanded our business eyeing cleaner energy supply to provide clean energy to the society. Our professional water and environmental services have helped improve the living standard of urban residents; We and our partners have joined hands to stimulate industrial development with advanced scientific and technological achievements; We have ensured a steady supply of quality products and experiences with humanized service; We carefully listened to the demands of employees to create a happy working space; We proactively responded to the stakeholders' concerns to repay investors' trust with stable operation; We also actively engaged in social welfare in return for the support and understanding of all walks of life.