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The business encompasses household waste incineration power generation, hazardous and medical waste treatment, sludge treatment, waste collection and transportation, etc. It employs leading international waste incineration technology and affords international project management standards. Currently, it has 37 projects in operation or under-construction in 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and 17 cities overseas. The total waste incineration and power generation capacity reached 34,232 tons/day. The major enterprises operating the business include EEW Energy from Waste GmbH, Beijing Enterprises Holdings European Investment Management S.à r.l. Beijing Enterprises Environment Group Limited and Beijing Enterprises Holdings Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

EEW Energy from Waste GmbH
EEW GmbH is an energy-from-waste company in Germany with waste incineration power generation, and steam and district heat supply as its main businesses. It owns the largest market share among the private solid waste incinerators in Germany and runs 18 waste incineration power plants all equipped with world-class technologies and facilities in Germany, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. As a leading waste-to-energy enterprise in Germany, EEW GmbH represents the world-class level in terms of equipment standards, operational efficiency, technical level, and emission indicators.

BEHL Solid Waste Treatment Platform
BEHL Solid Waste Treatment Platform including BE Environment, BEHET and Beijing Enterprises Holdings European Investment Management S.à r.l. Among which BE Environment is a professional platform for investment, construction and operation of solid waste treatment business via such as capital operation, assets consolidation or investment and operation modes. It currently owns 9 household waste incineration power generation projects as well as 1 hazardous and medical waste disposal treatment project. It is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (0154.HK). BEHET focuses on developing business in the environment protection arena including treatment of city solid waste, hazardous industrial waste, medical waste and construction waste, as well as, renovation and restoration of ecological environment. In China, it has invested in 6 city household waste treatment projects and industrial hazardous waste treatment projects. In addition, Beijing Enterprises Holdings European Investment Management S.à r.l. also successfully invested in municipal waste treatment projects domestically.

Relying on its advanced technology and operating advantages, EEW GmbH plays a vital part in the local energy infrastructure