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Directors of Subsidiaries

The names of persons who were directors of the principal subsidiaries of Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited during the latest financial year, or during the period beginning with the end of the latest financial year and ending on the date of the latest annual report of Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited, are set out below:

  • Geng Zhao
  • Xie Guangjun
  • Liu Xiangyu
  • Li Guangjun
  • Jia Fengchao
  • Wu Pei
  • Lin Zhiping
  • Li Yalan
  • Zhi Xiaoye
  • Xiong Bin
  • Du Shengli
  • Yin Yuguang
  • Xu Tong
  • Wang Chaohui
  • Zhao Shan
  • Du Yanfeng
  • Ke Jian
  • Sha Ning
  • Chen Xinguo
  • Yu Jie
  • Ng Kong Fat, Brian
  • Jin Lizuo
  • Huan Guocang
  • Wang Jianping
  • Nie Yongfeng
  • Cheung Ming
  • Bernard Kemper
  • Markus Hauck
  • Joachim Manns